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Yep! It was! Astronaut Commander Jim Wetherbee took my album Soaring up to his mission to outer space and the international space station. There is a cool picture of Jim on the shuttle, with my cd floating in mid-air next to him, as beautiful Earth seen in a distance from the porthole window . Click HERE to check it out!

Sure. It happens more often than you’d think these days. Admittedly, it’s not my favorite way to record music (it’s nicer to see the other musicians and be able to interact with them on the spot) but budgets don’t always permit that, and so it’s nice that modern technology has afforded us with other options. Just contact my office (contact page has info) for particulars.

Surely! And here they are: Hilary Jones – Drum Equipment Rider: Drums: DW 22” or 24: Bass Drum (preferably with a tom mount installed) 10” , 12” ride toms (or 12″, 13″) 14″, 16” (and/or 18″) floor toms (with legs) 5.5” (or 6” or 6.5”) X 14” snare drum Hardware: DW Snare stand (5000 Series) Hi-hat stand (DW 5000 series or 9000 series) 5 boom cymbal stands (DW, 5000 series) DW 5000 series Double Bass Drum Pedal (s) Cymbals: Zildjian 22” Zildjian Medium Ride Cymbal 20” Zildjian Flat Ride (K or A custom series) 20” (or 18”) Zildjian K Crash/Ride 17”, 18” Zildjian K Dark Crash Cymbals 14” Zildjian Mastersound hi-hats Drum Heads: Attack White Coated One Ply on top and bottoms of snare and toms. White Coated No Overtone on Bass Drum Batter side Ported No Overtone on Resonant side of Bass Drum MISC: P.A. System w/vocal mic. (Drum mics as needed)

To book me for a drum clinic or masterclass, please FIRST contact and make a formal request via DW Drums to Juels Thomas- (800) 453-7867 Ext. 356 Or email Thanks!    

Downloadable promo pack coming soon. For now call the office and specify what you need.

Send your booking request with as much initial information as possible to: